Everything we know about the Oxtrot!

Our Charity:
ALL proceeds, every penny, earned by the event go to click for Tillers International 
Click on the link to learn more about the great training they do to help people around the world.

Date Time Details
  • May 19, 2019
  • 8 AM start, all distances
  • Hand made by our blacksmith
    • 1st place Female/Male medals each distance
    • Finisher medals all
Location of race and a link to the map:
10515 OP Ave E
Scotts, MI, 49088
United States
Click for Race Location Mapped

Distances, you'll see an Aid station about every 4 miles
  • 4 miles = Once on the East Loop
  • 8 miles = Once on the East Loop followed by once on the West Loop
  • 16  miles = Twice around both Loops

Registration: is through Runsignup:    Click for Tillers Oxtrot Runsignup


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  2. Ben

    A mix. First 4 mile loop is dry, mostly on cow paths, farm lanes, pastures.

    Second 4 miles, muddy to the point of losing shoes, standing water, plank crossings here and there.

    None of it is like a state park, that's for certain.

    Andy, RD 2018 Oxtrot

  3. Race is nearly here, oh my whats next? Heavy rain, sure!


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